IP range information is maintained on providers’ web platforms, or passed on to publishers and information providers by Max Planck Digital Library staff.

To ensure that Max Planck users have uninterrupted access to licensed resources, the Max Planck Digital Library depends on continuous IP-related updates from Max Planck Institutes.

Note that access to additional content licensed by Max Planck Institutes, or to any existing local instances of a service, like the Electronic Journals Library, is maintained by institutes directly.


It is highly desirable that a Max Planck Institute is represented by at least a single authorized IP address, which allows that user requests are treated and counted as coming from that particular institute.


IT departments ought to ensure that temporary visitors access the internet through networks that are not authorized for access to electronic resources licensed exclusively for the benefit of Max Planck Society scientific staff. Please consider ourĀ  Access Conditions and Terms of Use of Electronic Resources.

Note that Max Planck Institutes are responsible for preventing unauthorized access.